Thursday, 15 September 2016

Facebook or website . . . Website or Facebook . . . how about both?

Some don’t have social media and some don’t have websites. It’s a little like an optic illusion, there is no right or wrong. We’re all different – if we weren’t, the world would be a very dull place.

The key is if your business is only on social media then how will the “I don’t do social media” guys find you? At Piefinch we are surprised at how many companies are missing out on potential customers by choosing only to post on Facebook and not to have a website. Many people will relax and surf the web at night in the comfort of their home when many shops have pulled down the blinds and headed off home for a cup of cocoa.

Now people don’t like waiting and want information to be immediate – if I’m thinking of dying my hair green but not sure of the price I look for a website with that information, if I can’t find a website for your salon, chances are I will look for a website with that information and possibly go to them instead. It’s great to see images of the wonderful work you have done but if all I want to know is your services and costs I’m going to look for your website and if it isn’t there . . . I will look for one that is.

So how can we fix this problem AND how much is this going to cost?

If you are looking for a website with brief information for example, about us, our services, testimonials, contact details and of course a link to your fabulous Facebook page then we can offer ALL of this for £20 a month with no up front cost all we ask is that you stay with us for a minimum of 18 months. So for the cost of a mobile phone contract you could well have a new outlet of customers.

And there is more good news

For that cost we also update your site regularly – if you are doing an event let us know and we will make certain it features on your site

So get in touch to find out more

Friday, 19 August 2016

Getting website visitors to visit your tourist attraction

School holidays, day trips, farm visits, weekend breaks, visiting castles. . .

We are now in the middle of August and families and couples are looking for things to do closer to home, only one bank holiday left until Christmas. . . .

So why should tourists come to you?

For some strange reason Brits love to travel some distance when they arrange a day trip. It’s probably part of the adventure – motorway queues, screaming children and if it’s a bank holiday rotten weather - all part of what we Brits love and expect. It probably makes that “back to school and work” feeling something to look forward to.

So chances are a fair percentage of your customers may have no real knowledge of your farming castle adventureland village. All they really have is Google. Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask what would you google for the day out that you have to offer. Now if you don’t come up at this point how do you think others will find you? This is where we can help, you need to get your target audience to find you.

One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words

Tourism and your website
You may be in luck, Aunty Mabel may have told Granny Muggins about your camel riding up Snowdon whilst playing the accordian adventure day out and she has a copy of your website address. So they enter your website and see . . . .a rather bland looking website, a special event coming up which happened before Little Freddy was born.

Back in 1913 the expression One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words was used – how true this is for the current day. If your website is a touch dull, with current news older than your customers you need our help. We can incorporate your Facebook / Twitter feed into your website so you only need to update once. If you have a special event coming up – tell us. We can add banners to your site letting everyone know. How about adding testimonials to your site let everyone know you are great.

Your website should inspire – people should want to be in your photo gallery not want to run away.

What about the money, money, money

Well a website is for life not just for Christmas. 

We believe it is essential for a website to keep growing, changing, evolving just like your business does. For this reason we DO NOT ask for an up front fee instead we have a monthly fee which will not start until you sign off your design. For this you would receive a bespoke website design, which we will update. 

New opening hours, phone number, new event – let us know and we will let everyone else know.

For more information please contact us at Piefinch  you can also check out our rates here

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What domain should I choose?

So you have a great business plan, a great company name and now wish to get a website. Choosing a name for your website needs some research too – so where do you start?

Google it!

First stop is to google your business idea and see what comes up. 

For example if you were thinking of starting a business selling hats for rats, then search hats for rats on the internet. Has the domain you were thinking of already gone, is there something out there already similar which may be confused with your website?


Now to check to see what domains are available. 

You can check at or under numerous web hosting companies. If you wish to register at this point be careful that you are not overcharged for your domain – check out reviews of various hosting companies.

If I was thinking of selling hats for rats then the obvious domain would be or, unsurprisingly as of today, both domain are available to purchase. So which one should I buy? The answer is both of them. If you are talking to a potential client and you say your website is hats4rats how would they know it is the number 4 and not ‘for’ or ‘four’ - they don’t. If you buy hats4rats and not hatsforrats someone may purchase hatsforrats at a later date and potentially get all your sales.

Not too long - how do you spell it? 

Don’t make the mistake of making your domain name too long or including words which are commonly misspelt. There is so much competition out there make your domain short, memorable and easily spelt, or your customers may go elsewhere.

How does it look?

Do check what your domain name looks like without spaces in it.

For example Is this about books to read in spas or do I have some spare ads to sell? Though not a significant error some words together may have a negative impact. For example childrenswear could be childrens wear or children swear. There are plenty of examples available. Here are some

Does adding a hypen help, turning into
This is a difficult one, the jury is still out as to whether Google like or dislike this practice. A few years ago Google penalized sites with hyphens but it does appear this may no longer be the case. (If we receive clarity on this we will let you know)


Make certain that your domain isn’t trademarked as this could well cost you in the long run, for example ebay do not take kindly to having domains with ebay in their name, there are plenty of other examples of large companies complaining and winning about trademarked domains. Here’s a case regarding Apple

Keyword versus snappy name

Getting your keyword in the title is certainly a good idea – clients will then have some indication as to what your services are. 

However snappy, short memorable words also work – amazon, google have certainly done okay. Or even combining 2 words together such as glamping, pinterest.

Whatever you choose good luck with your site. While you are here check out our great monthly website packages  get in touch and we can help you design your perfect website

Monday, 8 August 2016

Welcome to our new website

You can view it here

We are very excited to release our new site during the Rio summer Olympics, it was during the London summer Olympics that we began Piefinch Creative. We have had an amazing 4 years, in an ever changing environment. Not only are we continually learning about changes in our business but we have also learnt so much about the many incredible businesses we work for.

With our new website launch we are introducing a new mini page website. This is to promote businesses which possibly only do business on Social media pages but would like a web presence. Our mini site  would be great for any startup businesses. These sites are £20 a month with a minimum contract of 18 months there are no upfront fees. This is a great way to grow your business without having to pay a huge figure at the beginning.  You also will have the ability to upgrade to a bigger website if you wish.